Michael Saab

Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine

 GMC Registration No: 3017997

Full: 15 January 1985 (Revalidated:2017)

Consulting at:

Pall Mall Clinic, 61 Street, Manchester.

Peel Tree Medical Clinic, 81, Harborne Road, Edgbaston.

Virtually, via most forms of interactive video platform.

Experience Summary

  • Consultant in Emergency Medicine since 1998.
    • Full time in Bury until 2013.
    • Part time in Wigan from 2013- present
  • FRCSA/E (Edin)
    Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in speciality of Accident and Emergency Medicine.
    Fellow of the Royal College of Emergency.
  • FEWI
    Fellow of the Expert Witness Institute.
  • MAE
    Member of Academy of Experts.
  • DLM
    Diploma in Legal Medicine.
  • Member of the advisory appointments committee for the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.
  • Author of numerous articles published in peer reviewed medical journals.
  • Qualified instructor in advanced life support, advanced paediatric life support and advanced trauma life support.
  • Performance assessor for the General Medical Council since 2012.
  • Chief Invigilator for PLAB2 OSCE for the General Medical Council.
  • Member of part 1 PLAB examination Panel for the General Medical Council.
  • Former PLAB 2 panel member for the General Medical Council.
  • Involved in production of training videos for the General Medical Council.
  • Examiner for the Membership and Fellowship  examinations  for the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.
  • Overseas Examiner for the Membership examination in India.
  • Former Regional advisor, North West Region, College of Emergency Medicine.
  • Former member of the British Medical Association Consultants Committee.
  • Former Honorary Clinical Lecturer for University of Manchester Medical School.
  • Former Examiner for the Membership Examination in Accident & Emergency Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and for the Speciality Examination in Emergency Medicine.
  • Former Examiner – Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine – for the Membership Examination in Emergency Medicine.
  • Trust Appraiser – Fully trained.
  • Special interest in the pathophysiology of injury, injury mechanisms, injury control and the immediate care and clinical management of injured patients.
  • Special interest in the resuscitation, immediate care and clinical management of critically ill adults and children.
  • Comprehensive experience in the management of the full range of emergency presentations to the Emergency Department.
  • Special interest in the biomechanics of whiplash injury, energy transfer and the crash and human related factors in Low velocity impact collisions.
  • Familiar with the published literature on Low velocity impact collisions.
  • Equality and Diversity Training (NHS), GMC and College of Emergency Medicine.
  • Certified Seminar on Clinical Negligence, October 18 and 19 2018 by Bond Solon, Birmingham. 
  • Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness certificate, November 2013.
  • Bond Solon Expert Witness Training Whiplash Associated Disorder Modules (Medco) 2015.
  • Registered A&E Consultant on Medco in respect of the MOJ’s protocol for low value personal injury claims in road traffic accidents
  • Attended Courts and Tribunals, including Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) on multiple occasions for the GMC and Medical Defence Organisation.
  • Attended Coroner’s hearing as an expert witness to assist the Cornoner.

LVI Cases

  1. In my clinical practice in the NHS over the past 20 years I have seen and treated hundreds of patients with whiplash injuries of all grades of sensitivity.
  2. In medico-legal practice a significant number of my instructions are concerned with low velocity impact (LVI) They originate from claimants’ representatives although I have also been instructed by defendants’ representatives and as an agreed joint expert. I have prepared joint reports and I have had expert witness meetings on LVI cases.
  3. I have conducted a comprehensive literature search on the issue of whiplash injury and the low speed defence. My literature review is appended to every report to the Court in which LVI is raised as an issue, and I have presented on the topic. Such presentations include the Law society in London, November 2014.
  4. I am aware of the arguments on both sides in respect of the low speed defence and I am well used to assisting the Court with the interpretation of the range of professional opinion.


Clinical negligence

  1. I am frequently instructed by both claimant and defendant organisations to advise the Court in cases of alleged clinical negligence. My instructions relate, in the main, to treatment in Accident and Emergency Departments in all parts of the I also have experience in general medical, surgical and paediatric matters.
  2. I have been instructed by organisations to advise the court in cases of alleged clinical negligence in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Hong I have assisted the Coroner as an Expert Witness.
  3. I provide reports via TMLEP to defendant solicitors advising on liability when allegations are made against health organisations and health care professionals.
  4. I have a Claimant:Defendant split of 60:40.
  5. I am a member of Action against Medical Accidents (AVMA) and recently in February 2020 an invited speaker on medical negligence matters.

General Medical Council

 I have prepared expert reports for the  General  Medical  Council  and  Irish Medical Council.

Medical defence organisations

 I have prepared expert reports for Medical Defence Organisations. The MDDUS regularly instructs me.

Original research

  • The management of Transient Ischaemic Attacks (Mini Strokes) in the Department (ED) – resulting in a 30-day reduction of risk of Stroke. Invited Speaker to present a pathway at the International Conference of Emergency Medicine (ICEM), 2006, Halifax, Canada.
  • Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of lowering the blood pressure after haemorrhagic stroke. Outcome – allowing adequate perfusion of the brain is vital. Invited speaker to present findings at the ICEM, 2008, San Francisco, USA.
  • Managing symptoms after cocaine Invited speaker ICEM, 2010, Singapore.

Curriculum design

  1. Contributor, MRCEM and FRCEM. Questions College of Emergency Medicine A
  2. Contributor to PLAB2 examination (OSCE group). General Medical Council
  3. Contributor PLAB1 examination (Single Best Answer group). General Medical Council

Teaching and training

  • Trainees learning to interpret ECGs in the Emergency Department. I presented learning packages of slides on this topic in a workshop at the European society of emergency medicine, Sorrento, Italy, (2007).
  • Lectures and presentations on Medico Legal matters: London (2014) Birmingham 2015 (Nov), Seville2016 (Nov), Athens 2017 (Oct).
  • Reviewer, Emergency Medicine.
  • Mentor to Junior Experts who are members of Expert Witness This is an important part of my role as a Fellow.


Publications since 2006

M. Saab, A case of pyrexia from abroad. European Journal of Emergency Medicine 2006, 13:366-368

D. Doshi, M. Saab, Bell’s palsy in children: is there a role of steroid or acyclovir. Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine, Vol14, no 4, Oct 2007

D. Doshi, M. Saab, Changing Trend of Epiglottitis. A Disease of Adults. The International Journal of Medicine, Vol 1. Issue 1. Jan-March 2008:44-47

M. Saab, Whiplash Injury after Low Velocity Impact Collision. Independent Doctors Federation Journal, March 2017

M. Saab, Expert Witness in Court. Independent Doctors Federation Journal, March 2018


The Expert Witness in Court. Expert Witness Institute, 2015.  https://www.ewi.org.uk/